Report of the Delhi Minorities Commission on Delhi Riots

Report of the Delhi Minorities Commission on Delhi Riots

The report gives an insight into the systematic human rights violations by State machinery in suppressing the legitimate right of the people especially minorities to peaceful protest, peaceful assembly and association, opinion and expression. The discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) which can lead to disenfranchisement of Muslims in India has resulted in mass protests across India. BJP leadership tried to stop these protests through intimidation, harassment, torture, unleashing goons and giving them protection of Delhi police. The findings of the report are alarming and the Indian judiciary as well as the United Nations must take cognisance of the State sponsored terrorism.

The findings of the report include interalia:

  • “The violence followed an organised and systematic pattern. Different mobs numbering anywhere between 100-1000 people, chanting common slogans like ‘Jai Shri Ram’, and even “Har Har Modi”, “Modiji, kaat do in Mullon ko [Modi, cut these Muslims into pieces]”, “Aaj tumhe aAzadi denge [Today, we will give you freedom]”, selectively attacked Muslim individuals, houses, shops, vehicles, mosques and other property.”
  • “The attacks were selectively targeted towards the Muslim population of the area. In some instances, victims were asked to show their ID cards and then targeted on the basis of their faith.”
  • “In many areas of North East Delhi, properties owned by Muslims were destroyed while those owned by Hindus, even though standing adjacent to the targeted properties, remained unscathed.”
  • “Mobs specifically vandalised Muslim places of worship, namely mosques and madrasas as well as religious symbols like copies of the Holy Quran. Police officials were either mute spectators or, in some cases, even alleged participants. In most of the cases, CCTV cameras on the premises, from which footage could have been gathered to aid identification of perpetrators, were destroyed. Religious places of worship of non-Muslims in Muslim-majority areas were largely left untouched, and in some cases were protected by the local Muslim residents.”
  • “Police were also complicit and abetted the attacks.”
  • “In some cases victims themselves have been arrested, especially where they filed complaints against named individuals. Muslim complainants are reluctant to visit police stations to pursue their complaints due to fear of being falsely implicated in cases.”
  • “The testimonies suggest that Muslim women were attacked on the basis of their religious identity; their hijabs and burqas were pulled off. Through the protests in Delhi, Muslim women had taken a lead role in organizing and occupying public space. Several narratives of women suggest that the police forces and violent mobs attacked the Chand Bagh protest site; women were beaten up by male police officers and attacked by mobs. Women have also recounted instances of acid attack by the mobs.”
  • “While the slogans of ‘Azadi’ (a cry for freedom from the discriminatory laws and practices) were used by the protesters, the police used the same chants of ‘Azadi’ to sexually harass women and attack them, including at least one incident of a police officer flashing his genitals in front of women protestors.”
  • “Women have also lost their social and financial security, as their houses were looted and their jewelry was specifically robbed; they had to spend hours hiding, without access to food and water, with their children on terraces but no one came to their help. Several women also reported being threatened with sexual assault. For those women who locked themselves inside their homes to protect their children, tear gas shells were thrown inside, causing severe suffocation, eye burning and nausea.”

The complete report can be seen and downloaded at the following link:

Download (PDF, 21.54MB)

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