FALAH is a user friendly and technically sound app which reduces the cost, energy and time for the people to reach out to the relevant authorities and get redressal for their requests/ complaints. It also helps the institutions in their efforts for automation, efficiency and effectiveness.

You can download the app by clicking here (Google Play Store). IOS app version coming soon

A few objectives & utilities of FALAH app are as under:

  • Security, prompt emergency response, protection from physical and virtual harassment as well as reporting to the relevant government authorities are important aspects of public service delivery. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) necessitate the use of technology for advancing human rights and inclusive development. Children and women, being vulnerable segments of the society, are often at the receiving end of abuse, harassment, assaults, violence etc. with little or no access to avenues of redressal due to a number of socio-economic and cultural reasons, resulting in under reporting. FALAH app provides the solution by providing protection on their mobile phones.
  • Good governance demands that emergency and other necessary services are provided to the general public in the simplest, cost effective and easiest manner. FALAH app helps the government in this endeavour through data-base management system and mobile app interface for the public.
  • Promotion & Protection of all Human Rights and ensuring of Human Dignity is not possible without educating the people about their rights and also sharing of information and guidelines on important topics like COVID-19. FALAH app provides the platform for it.

Emergency Services

  • SOS button on main screen, generating SMS or call alert, in case of emergency including inter alia, kidnapping, rape attempt, physical assault, domestic violence etc.
  • Emergency location sharing with the relevant people according to choice of the mobile user such as guardians, friends, family, police etc.

Child abuse/ domestic violence

  • The victims of child abuse, assault or domestic violence are able to register their complaints. The complaint is automatically shared with the concerned authorities.
  • The app has made it easy for children/ women to share their complaints without going through the hassle of official channels.

Cyber crime reporting

  • Reporting of cyber harassment or any other cyber-crime.
  • Public Board of missing/ kidnapped children.

Consultation with a Psychiatrist

  • Online consultation session with internationally reputed psychiatrists, thus providing people (in cities, remote areas), housewives and teenagers necessary services at doorstep.
  • A list of doctors, hospitals and health professionals is maintained, and users can get consultancy from the doctor of their own choosing.

Legal Aid

  • We have established a database of lawyers who are willing to provide basic legal guide to anyone requesting legal aid on the app. Moreover, the user is able to also request for free legal aid from legal aid support systems of the Government's or private sector.

Human Rights Education

  • Sharing of national and international laws related to rights of children, women, minorities and other fundamental freedoms. There are two sub-sections, National Laws (e.g Zainab Alert Act) and International Laws (e.g CEDAW, CRC)

GPS Bands for children

  • Tracking bands with active GPS system for children.
  • The parents can locate their children anywhere and the children do not require to have a mobile phone.  

Community Section

  • There is a community section, where important news/ announcements are regularly shared.
  • We have been sharing COVID-19 related updates, guidelines, advisories as well as important human rights related articles on issues of concern. Similar effort is being put in to track Dengue cases and also provide necessary information to the general public.
  • This section also includes a Forum which is acting as an interface between different institutions and general public.

Ambulance Service

  • In case of emergency, the users are able to easily get in contact with the emergency ambulance services.

Kidnapped/ Missing Person Section

  • Police verified information and details including photos of the missing/ kidnapped children are uploaded. It helps in reaching out to the general public.

Car theft information

  • Police verified information and details including photos of the stolen vehicles are uploaded. It helps in reaching out to the general public.

Few Screen Shots of FALAH app

Partnership / Collaboration

The contact information in the app is localized, thus, the relevant district authorities are automatically contacted by the user. A fully functional back end dashboard is available to each department where they have access to the data of complaints, capability to generate reports as well as task allocation and comments within the department. Thus, a full history of the complaints is maintained.

As we speak, social media campaign is in full swing to make this app well known to the general public. We also plan a complete outreach plan for the schools in the districts where the app is launched.