Our Projects

Presently , FALAH provides funding to Gizri maternity home which has 

  • 2 floors, 70 beds, ultrasound facilities and laboratory services are available 
  • Emergency services , Gynae services and OT is running around the clock

A Midwifery Training School was established under FALAH around 10 years ago where need based scholarships are given to women with an impoverished background, making them financially independent.

International training programs have been conducted under FALAH at Gizri Maternity Home 

-Rotary International conducted a training program for private practitioners 

-Ceramic incision tool study which was a Harvard training program was also conducted

FALAH Mobile Application

We have developed an app which is based on an idea to protect and help the community, especially women, children and the marginalized segment of the society. It is generally an arduous and lengthy process for registering of complaints of cases of Violence Against Women and Child Abuse by the complainants. By using this app, children, women, tourists or individuals under distress can send alerts with audio, SMS, call and location to their friends, family, parents or guardians, police and local authorities in case of any bad/emergency situation. (Child abuse, kidnapping, missing person, rape attempt, physical assault, domestic violence, cyber harassment, acid attack, health emergency etc). This app makes the entire process of connecting the complainants with the concerned authority swift and efficient.